Need Help? It's OK, most of the time you just need a little push in the right direction.  Here are some of our potential client's most frequently asked questions...

How do i know if spellbound is the right fit for my business?

If you're a startup, small or mid-sized company looking for help with brand development, strategic marketing and/or go-to-market commercialization plans, you've come to the right place. The best thing to do is to reach out for an initial consultation! We can't wait to chat with you.

Do you offer full-time marketing services or only short term contracts?

Our goal is to be flexible to our client's needs.  We always like to meet in person to discuss your challenges, goals and the scope of the project.  Though we are typically hired on a contract basis, we are certainly willing to be your partner for both short term and long term assignments.

How much do you charge for your services?

We are passionate about providing top notch strategic services while also adding value to your business. We truly want to help your business grow and are committed to making a meaningful impact. That said, the best way for us to provide value is to understand the scope of each and every project and quote you a total cost for the entire Scope of Work.  Bottom Line: our pricing is customized to each project's scope.

Where are you located? Do you take clients only in certain regions?

Our senior level strategists generally work remotely and are available to service clients all over the USA.  We do travel when necessary and enjoy telecommuting as often as possible!  We are in the digital age; so, we don't let the boundaries of time and distance deter us from doing great work!