Brand Strategy

Do you want loyal, returning customers who ask for your brand by name? Developing a solid Brand Strategy is the key to achieving your growth goals. At Spellbound Marketing Group, we not only know what it takes to build a successful brand; but, we have a proven process to make it happen for you!

Marketing Strategy

Do you want to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage for your business? A strong Marketing Strategy is the answer, as it is the key link between your business and your customers. Your marketing strategy answers the questions: Where are you now? Where do you want to be? And how will you get there?


Are you looking for a creative go-to-market strategy to introduce your product or service into commerce?  We provide sound commercialization plans taking into account the production, distribution, marketing, sales and customer support needed to achieve commercial success for your  business.

Since 1993

Why Spellbound?

Can you recall the last time you were truly spellbound? A time when you were completely captivated, mesmerized even, by one extraordinary thing? You could be spellbound by anything from a thrilling movie, a stunning sunset or a rare lunar eclipse, to hearing your favorite piece of music or even watching your daughter take her first steps.  It’s the feeling you get when there is nothing more interesting than what is happening right there in the present moment. That is the essence of Spellbound!

At Spellbound Marketing Group, YOUR vision is OUR inspiration. Our mission is to help businesses like yours achieve growth, by providing strategically sound brand, marketing and commercialization strategies, at a value you can afford. We act as an extension to your internal team, diving in and getting to know your business challenges and goals without the financial stress of hiring full-time overhead. As a client, your business commands our full attention and it’s our purpose to deliver marketing strategies that turn your goals into results!

Spellbound Marketing Group offers consulting and tactical expertise in all areas of marketing.  Whether you’re an entrepreneur with a start-up or a seasoned professional looking to bolster your product’s growth, we have what it takes to deliver best-in-class marketing strategies and plans to meet your growth goals.


Let's Get Spellbound!

If you're in need of highly-skilled, Marketing Strategists that take the guesswork out of Branding, Marketing and/or Commercialization, you've come to the right place.  We can help YOU achieve your goals for commercial success. So...what are you waiting for?  Let's get Spellbound!